Michelin reveals X Line Energy Z+ for commercial vehicles

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The X Line Energy Z+ tire, designed for application to long-haul commercial vehicles, has been unveiled by Michelin as the latest addition to its X Line Energy Z product range.

The new tire benefits from the Infinicoil and Regenion sculpture technology. Designed to improve stability and durability, Infinicoil features a continuous steel wire – which measures up to a quarter of a mile in length – wrapped around the tire’s circumference. The Regenion technology uses metal 3D printing techniques to enable the tread pattern to change as is wears, delivering all-weather grip throughout its service life.

“The Michelin X Line Energy Z+ tire’s enhanced durability and traction means you can drive with complete confidence as the miles continue to accrue on your fleet,” said Karen Schwartz, B2B vice president of marketing for Michelin North America. “This product will not replace the X Line Energy Z but is an additional offer for those long-haul fleets that value optimal fuel efficiency leading [to]improved total cost of ownership.

“The 18/32in deep tread design of the Michelin X Line Energy Z+ tire features Regenion technology, and an evolving tread design allows additional tread grooves to develop at lower tread depths. This gives a cost-competitive advantage to owners as the tire performance will be enhanced, allowing for longer use, less irregular wear and new-tire-like traction throughout the tread life.”

The Michelin X Line Energy Z+ will be available in a size 295/75R22.5 LRH and is expected to launch in Q3 2023.

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