Michelin launches Road 6 and Road 6 GT tires

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Michelin has launched the Road 6 tire range designed for roadsters, trail bikes, sports bikes and GT motorcycles. In addition to the standard Road 6 range, the tire maker has introduced the Road 6 GT tire for grand touring motorbikes.

The tires benefit from a new tread design, improved raw materials and an optimized architecture. This results in a 15% improvement in wet grip and 10% longer service life compared with the previous Michelin Road 5.

Michelin’s Road 6 range features the tire maker’s Water EverGrip technology with a patented sipe design to improve wet grip. The design of the sipes means they open as the tire wears, and a new groove and sipe angle with longer edges helps cut through water to grip the road surface. Furthermore, a void ratio of 14% delivers high levels of grip in wet and dry scenarios and does not change when cornering, resulting in consistent feedback for the rider.

A 100% silica compound improves grip on damp and wet roads and also in cooler conditions without reducing tire life. Furthermore, Michelin’s 2CT+ (2 Compound Technology) on the front and rear wheels provides riders with different performance characteristics. A harder under layer of tread provides rigidity during cornering while a softer upper layer delivers grip and high mileage.

Michelin has also applied Radial X Evo technology, consisting of 90° plies on the tire’s crown to ensure a wide footprint and grip when traveling in a straight line or round a corner. The latest generation of Radial X Evo tires also have a sidewall that utilizes a specially designed ply fold to increase flexibility and absorb bumps in the road. The technology ensures the tire remains stable at high speeds. Aramid Shield technology strengthens the tire casing for improved levels of feedback, handling and stability, and reduced weight.

The tires were made available on January 1, 2022 and consist of six front and eight rear sizes for the Road 6 range, and one front and three rear sizes for the Road 6 GT range.

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