Hard surface skid steer tire from Evolution Wheel

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Tire maker Evolution Wheel has revealed details of its new EWRS-HS series solid skid steer tire – a hard surface version of the EWRS-AT series all-terrain tire.

The company’s latest solid skid steer tire has been designed for use on concrete or asphalt surfaces, making it suitable for use within the construction, paving and recycling sectors.

With these operations demanding high levels of traction and a long service life, Evolution Wheel spent a significant amount of time conducting R&D. The EWRS-HS series subsequently had its tread pattern redesigned to maximize surface area, and to reduce tire wear by enabling machines to skid smoothly.

By doubling the surface area of the EWRS-HS compared to the EWRS-AT Series, machine weight is spread out further, enabling a lower pressure per square inch on the work surface – resulting in an extended wear life. Furthermore, the latest skid steer tire benefits from a tread depth measuring 52/32″. These two features enable the new tire to last three to five times longer than conventionally used pneumatic tires.

Evolution Wheel worked to reduce the harsh effects that hard tires have on operators and machines by designing a specialized core geometry – referring to the apertures within the rubber – which enables the tire to compress much like a pneumatic tire but without the bouncy characteristics.

Produced as a segmented tire, the EWRS-HS can be serviced on-site with a ¾” wrench, enabling damaged segments to be replaced efficiently.

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