Goodyear expands RH-4A+ tire line-up

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Goodyear has announced it is to expand its RH-4A+ tire OTR portfolio with the introduction of a new size, 40.00R57.

The tire was launched in autumn last year and was designed and developed to provide a lower operating cost per hour and a higher level of productivity in hard rock underfoot scenarios.

The RH-4A+ 40.00R57 haulage tire enables increased hours to removal thanks to a high net-to-gross tread pattern and extra-deep E-4+ tread, alongside cooler operating temperatures due to the tread’s centerline blading, shoulder lug pockets and shoulder lug side notches.

“The 40.00R57 has become Goodyear’s dominant fitment on 200-ton trucks, such as the Caterpillar 789,” said Eric Matson, global OTR field engineering manager. “With a higher TKPH and load carrying capacity, the new Goodyear RH-4A+ tire size is a great option for customers who have converted their 789 fleets to this larger tire.”

The tire is made using Goodyear’s own compounds and is available in customized casing constructions to meet a range of customer needs. The RH-4A+ portfolio now consists of sizes 40.00R57, 59/80R63, 46/90R57 and a 27.00R49.

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