Goodyear develops bespoke Eagle 360 spherical concept tire for Citroën

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To help French auto maker Citroën with its Autonomous Mobility Vision vehicle, Goodyear has developed a bespoke prototype of its Eagle 360 spherical concept tire.

The Autonomous Mobility Vision is Citroën’s take on future mobility and is based on an autonomous, electric, multi-directional platform named the Citroën Skate. The platform has interchangeable pods, enabling it to carry out a range of operations.

“We are proud to be introducing the prototype of our spherical concept tire as an integral part of the Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision,” commented Hans Vrijsen, managing director of original equipment at Goodyear. “The Eagle 360 prototype is compact and its shape makes it agile and maneuverable, ideal for future urban and autonomous mobility solutions.”

Goodyear introduced the Eagle 360 concept at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2016, with a second iteration, the Eagle 360 Urban concept, following in 2017. The latest iteration of the design features a high level of maneuverability (due to the tire’s spherical shape) and long-lasting attributes (thanks to a tread surface that is four times larger than a standard tire). The tire provides extended range due to a low-rolling-resistance rubber and consistent grip in all driving directions thanks to hexagonal siping.

“Concept tires are the basis for an innovative company such as Goodyear to engage with future mobility challenges and develop new, groundbreaking products and services,” concluded Vrijsen. “We are honored to have partnered with Citroën on this unique mobility project and to have taken a further step in the development of one of our most innovative concepts.”

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