Custom Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires for Pagani Utopia

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The latest vehicle from Horacio Pagani, the Utopia, will be factory equipped with P Zero Corsa tires from Pirelli.

Revealed at an event at the Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum in Milan, Italy, the OEM’s hypercar features a set of custom tires developed specifically for the vehicle to ensure comfort and a high level of performance in a range of conditions.

The tire maker pulled on its experiences from the motorsport sector and subsequently chose the P Zero Corsa with a compound and a tread pattern which can handle the high power and torque outputs of the Utopia. Pirelli then further developed the tire for additional comfort when driving the hypercar.

During the research and development stage Pirelli used virtual technology to produce a digital tire model. This was then accurately calibrated and tested to ensure it was suitable for the high-performance vehicle before a physical prototype tire was made. The advanced R&D process resulted in time and material savings.

The tires come in a 265/35ZR21 for the front and a 325/30ZR22 for the rear. A bespoke P Zero winter tire can be selected for vehicles used in colder conditions.

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