Bridgestone combines new technologies in Battlecross X31 motocross tire

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A new tire aimed at the motocross sector has been launched by Bridgestone. The Battlecross X31 features a range of new product developments, including Bridgestone’s Castle Block Technology. This consists of shoulder blocks on the front tire and all blocks on the rear tire having a convex section to enhance traction by creating an extra edge effect. The technology increases contact pressure with the riding surface to improve grip and consistency on constantly changing surfaces. Furthermore, the additional edge provides a higher level of grip when cornering.

Bridgestone has also developed a new pattern that features an asymmetric block design on the rear tire, with a lower block ratio. This increases the Battlecross X31’s working range, while redefined bunker groove size and positioning increase contact and enhance tire feel and bite when bottoming through surfaces. When combined, these redesigns enhance traction and create a lower tread rigidity for optimal stability.

A cooling fin has also been added to the sidewall of the Battlecross to create air turbulence through the sidewall protrusions to create a cooling effect over the surface of the tread. This leads to less degradation and consistent performance throughout the product’s service life.

The tire will be available in six sizes and will arrive on the market in the first months of 2022.

“We wanted to give our motocross customers increased speed and control on a variety of difficult terrains,” said Nico Thuy, head of motorcycle, EMIA, Bridgestone EMIA. “The result is the Bridgestone Battlecross X31, a tire applying the latest technologies that’s engineered for riders looking for versatility and consistency in performance.”

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