2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S tire from Dunlop

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Ahead of the launch of Harley-Davidson’s 2021 Sportster S, the motorcycle manufacturer tasked Dunlop with the job of designing and developing a tire specifically for new bike.

The result is the Dunlop GT503, a tire that its manufacturer says features a new construction and compound, providing a tread pattern with both an aggressive look, a high level of performance, and a higher mileage over the tire’s lifetime. The Harley-Davidson logo also features on the GT503’s sidewall.

The GT503’s radial construction features Steel Jointless Belt (JLB) technology which, Dunlop says, contributes toward a responsive and consistent handling experience, while the tread pattern has been designed to maximize the contact patch. This provides riders of the Sportster S with a high level of grip in dry scenarios, and for wet riding, long tread grooves aid in clearing water efficiently.

Upon its release the GT503 will be available in a size 160/70R17 front, and a 180/70R16 rear. 

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