RMCC begins production of highly active magnesium oxide

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Russian Mining Chemical Company (RMCC) is expanding its range of high-grade magnesium compounds and has begun production of highly active magnesium oxide. This will be manufactured at the company’s recently opened third processing plant in Vyazma (in the Smolensk region, Russia) and will be sold under the MagPro brand name.

MagPro is manufactured on a new calcination line in Germany. The line is designed incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and systems to ensure a high-quality end-product.

Chlorobutyl rubber (CIIR) and bromobutyl rubber (BIIR) are derivatives of butyl rubber (IIR). Applied in tire innerliners, innerliner tubes, curing bladders and envelopes, they enable the production of tires with better air retention and greater durability.

For example, halobutyl rubber innerliner can account for up to 9% of the total tire compound weight. Magnesium oxide MagPro acts as (a) HCl/HBr acid scavenger and (b) scorch retarder/cure rate controller chlorobutyl rubber (CIIR) and bromobutyl rubber (BllR). MgO can be used in all applications except the amine cures, in amounts generally less than 0.5pphr. For example, with 100 parts of CIIR, only 0.2-0.5 parts of MgO is enough, however, dosage can be increased to treat scorch retarding. It is added at the beginning of the mixing cycle along with rubber for better mixing and dispersion properties.

The use of MagPro in the production of rubber products is said to have many advantages, as MagPro is a natural product and manufactured by indirect calcination of high-quality brucite at the company’s mining operation in Kuldur. This technology avoids contamination of the magnesium oxide with the residues of fuel combustion and also prevents overheating of the product, which would reduce its activity.

MagPro has a precisely defined particle size distribution and a specific surface area of more than 140m2/g. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology applied in the selection of raw materials by x-ray radiometric separation of ore, MagPro has a very stable chemical composition. Moreover, as it is a mineral source it, does not contain any volatiles like chlorides and sulfates.

The new line has a capacity of 7,500 tons annually. Final commissioning is now underway.

In Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, India and North America, MagPro will distributed by RMCC’s exclusive partner, Europiren BV.

RMCC begins production of highly active magnesium oxide

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