New chemicals and additives for tire production from Lanxess

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Lanxess has revealed details of a number of additives for higher-performance rubber and easier production. Its range of Rhenogran products are designed to shorten mixing times, lower processing temperatures and improve the quality of the finished tires.

Rhenogran CLD-80 is a sulphur donor that ensures a stable vulcanization network by forming mainly mono- and disulfidic bridges. Lanxess says this results in excellent heat aging resistance of the vulcanizates and prevents premature reversion.

It does not generate carcinogenic N-nitrosamines during vulcanization, nor do the vulcanizates show any blooming. Rhenogran CLD-80 should therefore be ideally suited to rubber parts that are exposed to extreme conditions such as high-performance tires.

Rhenogran TP-50 is a crosslinking additive for the N-nitrosamine-free curing of rubber compositions. In combination with sulphur and primary accelerators, it can realize economies of scale in rubber compounds while keeping rejection rates low. In particular, the considerably higher solubility of up to six parts per hundred provides flexibility in a wide range of formulations.

Rhenofit STA/S is a combination of activating polar substances and acts as a curing activator and processing promoter for silica and other white fillers. It helps to properly disperse polar compound ingredients and simultaneously activates silica and other white reinforcing fillers. The vulcanization is accelerated and cure efficiency is improved.

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