Bridgestone develops PeakLife polymer to enhance the Turanza EV grand touring tire’s tread life

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The Turanza EV grand touring tire, designed specifically for electric vehicles, has been launched by Bridgestone and features the company’s Enlighten lightweight core technology for the first time in a replacement market tire in North America.

A new Enlighten technology, called PeakLife, also makes its debut in the Turanza EV. The next-generation polymer technology was developed at Bridgestone’s Americas Technology Center in Akron, Ohio, where the company’s engineers and scientists managed to bring it from the R&D stage to in-market product application in under two years.

To ensure that the tread on tires with PeakLife technology last longer, Bridgestone’s team developed a network of unique bonds between the polymer and reinforcing particles. PeakLife has also been engineered to deliver lower levels of rolling resistance.

The Turanza EV tire includes 50% renewable and recycled materials such as recycled carbon black from end-of-life tires and synthetic rubber from recycled plastic bags and bottles. Renewable soybean oil and rice husk silica derived from rice husks also feature.

Bridgestone’s Enlighten technology has been engineered to provide a longer lifespan, all-season performance and comfort, steering feel and low noise levels due to new structural components within the tire.

“With the accelerated progress toward an electrified vehicle fleet, we’re thrilled to launch a tire that is designed to help drivers get the best overall experience from their electric vehicles, including ride comfort, all-season driving performance and excellent wear life,” said Riccardo Cichi, president and chief sales officer of Bridgestone Americas. “We are also excited to introduce Enlighten, which marks a major pivot in how we approach tire technology and design to deliver both exceptional dynamic performance and increased use of renewable and recycled materials.”

The Bridgestone Turanza EV grand touring tire is available in five sizes with 13 additional sizes scheduled to be launched in early 2024.

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