CEAT awarded Lighthouse Certification by World Economic Forum for use of smart technologies

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The use of Industry 4.0 technologies at its production plant in Halol, India, has seen CEAT awarded the Lighthouse Certification by the World Economic Forum. It is the first tire company in the world to obtain the certification, the manufacturer states.

The Lighthouse Certification is awarded to manufacturers that use Industry 4.0 technologies to improve their factories, value chains and business models for increased levels of sustainability, improved productivity and to empower workforces.

“We are the first tire company in the world to get the certification and this journey started 3-4 years back,” commented Anant Goenka, managing director, CEAT. “To get certified, one has to use fourth industrial revolution technology that includes advanced analytics, machine learning and predictive analytics in their plant.”

By implementing a range of advanced technologies, CEAT was able to improve efficiency, factory parameters and productivity within the plant.

“Checks and audits are undertaken by the members of the World Economic Forum,” explained Goenka. “The fourth industrial revolution came with digitization, using sensors in different parts of the machine to enable it to become a smart machine. This reduces the use of energy in the factory.”

By continuing to use Industry 4.0 technology, CEAT aims to advance its offerings to both OEMs and international markets.

“Important markets that we are looking into growing is the OEM market where the demand from auto makers is present, and second is the international market,” added Goenka. “Both [markets include]customers which need high specifications in terms of production tires.”

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