European Tire Road Wear Particles Platform publishes mitigation reports

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In July 2018, the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) formed a group with other industry stakeholders to discuss the issue of tire road wear particles (TRWP). Facilitated by CSR Europe, the European TRWP Platform has brought together representatives from academia and EU policy makers.

The TRWP Platform sought to create an open and inclusive dialog among all relevant stakeholders to identify the factors affecting TRWP and explore a balanced and holistic approach to address and better understand TRWP.

As the year-long collaboration comes to a conclusion, the Platform has published two reports highlighting potential mitigation measures to reduce generation and transportation of TRWP, as well as calling for additional research where knowledge gaps exist.

“As a sector, we are faced with the complex challenge of reducing the generation of tire and road wear particles without impacting the important role tires play in road safety and mobility. This can only be addressed by bringing all parties involved together for an open dialog on potential solutions and collaborations across industries and public authorities,” explained Fazilet Cinaralp, secretary general of the ETRMA.

Two reports have been published:

The Way Forward explores the most promising ways of mitigating the environmental impact of TRWP, as discussed during the meetings of the initiative. This includes measures to address TRWP generation and TRWP capture and removal. The report also provides recommendations and pathways for continued cross-sector collaboration.

Scientific Report on TRWP in the Aquatic Environment by Prof. Dr Martin Jekel from TU Berlin summarizes the existing scientific research and knowledge gaps on TRWP, from generation to freshwater systems based on the available literature. It focuses on recent studies, publications, reports and presentations of participants at the meetings. The review also identifies future avenues of research.

Prof. Dr Jekel commented, “The topic of TRWP is very complex and our knowledge is still very limited. We expect considerable progress will be achieved in the coming years in our understanding of TRWP. Several ongoing research projects will help support or reject our hypotheses. They will contribute to the evaluation of the effects of TRWP in the environment and will be the basis for decisions on optional

European Tire Road Wear Particles Platform publishes mitigation reports


Added Cinaralp, “We are an ambitious industry that has never turned away from its responsibilities. These new reports provide a solid basis on which to anchor our ongoing work on TRWP. We are also committed to the continuation of cross-sector stakeholder collaboration on this topic in the future.

Both reports and more information on tire and road wear particles can be found at

Read a feature on tire road wear particles in the July issue of TTI.

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