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Real Time was founded in September 1988 and is an established supplier of business consultancy and IT systems development services to the Travel and Transport, Finance, Utilities, Telecoms and Oil and Gas industries.

Real Time employs around 180 staff at our Glasgow Headquarters and offices in Edinburgh, London and Aberdeen and has a turnover of around £17 million. In May 2009, Real Time became a member of the Amor Group of companies (, with 330 employees and a turnover of £32 million.

We have more than 18 years experience in strategic consultancy, programme/project management, quality/technical consultancy and software development and systems integration projects. This experience is spread over more than 140 technical and business designers, developers, managers and consultants within Real Time. Within our key industries, we provide a range of products, solutions and bespoke development services that leverage detailed industry and business knowledge and technical expertise that help ensure our customers derive maximum strategic value from the applications deployed.

Real Time’s services cover a broad range of disciplines including design and development (both bespoke and product), systems integration, project management and support. In addition, our long track record in airport and aviation systems provides an unparalleled understanding of airport operational solutions.

Products and Services

Within the aviation sector, Real Time provides a range of products and services.

Real Time’s RT-Queue™ enables airports to monitor and measure queuing times throughout the airport automatically, allowing airports to react and pro-actively manage terminal operations. RT-Queue™ uses a mesh of specialised Bluetooth access points to track individual passenger movements throughout the terminal and generate individual queue times. These times are coupled with laser-based people counting sensors to provide a complete picture of the terminal operations.

RT-Queue™ is already in use at Heathrow, Frankfurt, Stansted, Luton and Leeds Bradford.

Our Mobile and Bar Coded Boarding Pass platform, FirstPass, delivers IATA compliant bar coded boarding passes directly to the passenger’s mobile phone, allowing passengers to check-in and get a boarding card wherever they are. FirstPass is currently powering the bmi and Austrian Airlines paperless boarding projects.




RT-Scan™streamlines the passenger check-in process. Passengers have the ability to bypass conventional check-in desks, instead terminal kiosks or remote web check-in can produce the necessary boarding pass using standardised barcode technology.

RT-Scan™ allows airport staff to quickly verify boarding pass information, identify duplicate passengers and speed up the processing of passengers through the airport infrastructure. RT-Scan™ is already in use at 13 airports, and RT-Scan™ 2.0 provides the latest DCS integration, passport validation and TSA digital signature verification.

Real Time’s innovative airport resource management product, FirstPlanIT®, provides airport, airline and service provider managers with the latest tools and techniques to support dynamic changes in passenger numbers and tightening airport security requirements.

We understand the day-to-day challenges faced by the industry to ensure effective management of all operational resources to ensure service levels are achieved, security is maintained, and excellent levels of customer satisfaction are achieved. FirstPlanIT®provides an end-to-end solution to these challenges. FirstPlanIT® is in use at all seven BAA airports and Oslo Airport.

Our Common Use & Baggage Consultancy services help airports and CUTE clubs in selecting the correct common use systems for deployment throughout the airport. Our procurement programmes help airports make considerable savings with appropriate SLA based contracts with the major CUTE and common use suppliers (see: Scandinavian airports save on CUTE deployment).

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